The year-end conversation: Self-reflection is the key to success

2 min readDec 31, 2021


I just had my last meeting with our team; everyone is on holiday, except Wandri from Indonesia, with different religions and holiday plans. I know we will have a great conversation, we always do. But I didn’t expect this.

I was late for 5 min because of reading a book and forgot the time. The book is called “Rich dad, poor dad.” It was a book that was first published in 1997 but is still fascinating when read today.

He told me that he had read that book as well. Wow, I bet you can tell how amazing it is to share opinions with someone who has read the same book. It just clicks.

I asked Wandri, do you think that the 40 million copies of the book that have been sold worldwide actually make 40 million people rich? We both laughed and knew that was impossible.

The author of the book, Robert, is a Japanese American. His Japanese father told him that the Japanese are aware of and respect three powers in their culture. The power of the sword, the jewelry, and the mirror.

The three powers from Japanese culture. Sword, Jewelry and Mirror
  1. Sword. It symbolizes the power of the weapons. It’s like the US has the most prominent military force, making it the strongest presence in this world.
  2. Jewelry. It symbolizes the power of money. The golden rule is: who has the gold makes the rules.
  3. Mirror. It symbolizes the power of self-knowledge — the power of understanding yourself via self-reflection.

The mirror is the most treasured power among those three.

Many people read the book, but they don’t reflect on their lives. Only a few of them do reflect, but those who take actions and make a change? That’s probably why only 1% of the people in this world can succeed.

Suppose there is only one thing we can do in our life, in our company, in our project, anything to be honest. I would say that’s self-reflection and taking action to make the change.

Looking at what we have achieved in the project; someone may say, hey, you guys are doing great; some may complain about it. No matter what the comments are, we know we didn’t do a great job as we expected ourselves, and we made many mistakes. The thing is, we SHALL NEVER fall into the same trap again.

When you realize that you are digging the wrong hole… stop digging!

aha, you are traped 😂




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